Frequently Asked Questions




Who is Tea With Alice?
Tea With Alice was founded by a team of passionate tea-lovers, led by Alyson. You can read a little more about Alyson here

Where are you based?
The Tea With Alice head office is in Bondi Junction, Sydney however our tea comes from some of the most amazing places around the world!


What's in each box?
Each month you'll receive 3 different teas with 12-15 cups of each. Who knows, you may even receive a little something extra too ;)

Where do you deliver?
We deliver across Australia. For free.

If I sign up, when will I receive my tea?
Orders close on the 15th of every month. You will receive your ordered tea within 1-2 weeks but definitely before the end of the month. We aim to get your tea to you as fast as possible but sometimes there can be a delay due to where you live or because we need to wait a day or two to make sure we get the freshest tea possible for you.


If I sign up can I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime.

When will I be billed?
You'll be billed as soon as you place your order and then on the monthly anniversary date of your plan.

How does auto-renew work?
On the anniversary of the date you signed up your subscription will auto-renew. Remember though, you can cancel your subscription on any day before that either by contacting us or through your profile page.


How does gifting work?
It's simple (and aren't your friends and family lucky they have a friend like you!) Simply visit the Gift page and you'll be asked to choose a plan length. You can then decide to either have us send the gift recipient an email with details and a special message or you can print out your voucher and give it to them yourself.

How do I redeem a gift?
Visit the Redeem Your Gift page - select the type of tea you'd like and where you'd like us to send it and before you know it your wonderful gift of Tea With Alice tea will be at your doorstep

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