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Untick any teas you don't enjoy. 



e.g. English Breakfast, Earl Grey or Chai

We search all over the planet for the best in black tea. Organic, highest elevation, beautiful blends - your cup will be filled with full flavoured leaves, finely grown and crafted by experts. Your only worry? milk or not.


e.g. Dragonwell, Jasmine Green or Sencha

You're obviously a connoisseur of tea, the subtle tastes of white and green teas are within your reach. Let your cup be filled with delicate flavours as your mind fills with visions of exotic destinations.


e.g. Lemongrass, Peppermint or Chamomile

Whether your drink them for the taste or for their health benefits, herbal teas (tisanes) are an essential part of a wellness lifestyle. Enjoy the taste and feel the benefits with each delicious sip.